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The latest news on your GH favorite- Anders Hove

Wonder what your favorite Scorpio is up to? Here's the latest I could find on their activities:
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Villians We Want Back!  Cesar Faison
Who He Was: A master of reinventing himself, the former head of the DVX (and Anna Devane's ex-boss), became an author, a jewel fence, a cartel member and eventually Helena's henchman and partner in crime. His signatures were fine wines, small cigarillos and bestowing flowers - especially red orchids - on the object of his obsessions: Anna.

     His Methods:  Always up for a good game of cat and mouse, Faison kidnapped and terrorized Felicia, destroyed Anna and Robert's marriage (before detonating a ship blast that caused their presumed deaths) and made it look like Lucky had perished in a fire.
     How He Last Exited:  Following an argument with Luke Spencer in 2000, Faison revealed that his nemesis's son, Lucky, was alive and sped off in a boat that exploded.
     Who His Return Would Impact:  Should he return to Port Charles, Faison would find ready adversaries in Luke and Robert, and Anna still beautiful and challenging as ever. On the other hand, Maxie and Georgie might never get their mother home because one whiff of Faison's oh-so-familiar cigar would be enough to keep her in Texas for good! (SID 7/3/07)


Revolving Door Rumors:  With Robert and Anna back on GH, could their archnemesis, Cesar Faison, be far behind? "Faison survived the boat explosion, too," reminds Anders Hove, who last appeared in 2000. Anthony Geary (Luke) once touted Faison as "GH's all-time greatest villain." "Faison kidnapped Lucky, and he almost got away with it," recalls Hove. "They had this strange love/hate relationship; he let Faison get away, disappearing into the mist. I would never turn GH down for anything."
     Hove might not be the only familiar face heading back to Port Charles. With Ian Buchanan's days numbered as dastardly Dr. Madden on AMC, insiders are speculating that he will return to the role that put him on the map: Duke Lavery. "Have not heard that," says a GH rep. AMC had no comment. (SOW 5/16/06)

Why They Really Left- Hove said good-bye to a bad guy:  It's hard to keep a villain around indefinately when he or she has no redeeming qualities. Such was the case with perennial bad guy Cesar Faison, who was arguably the nastiest black hat ever to set foot in Port Charles.  So at the end of 1999, Faison's portrayer, Anders Hove, was given his walking papers. "I thought it was a shame that Faison had to go the exact same way he went the last time- in a boat explosion, I mean," the actor offered, referring to his character's 1992 disappearance. "They'll think I'm dead like a stone, but [one again] they didn't see a body." In his final storyline, the baddie had teamed up with dangerous Helena, but betrayed her involvement with kidnapping presumed-dead Lucky. "That's the last thing I tell Luke- that Lucky is alive, but I don't know where he is," Hove recalls of the moments before his character exited in a fiery explosion. Having returned to his native Denmark, the actor has been doing theater and starred in the recently released film Voksne mennesker (Grown-Up People). Additionally, he's taken up songwriting and provided the music and lyrics for the band Deleuran's new CD, Don't Touch My Soul. (SID 8/16/05)

Anders Hove (ex-Faison, SOU 4/11/2000)
After lurking around GH's Port Charles for several months, Cesar Faison make his move and kidnapped Felicia Scorpio. His abduction scheme failed when Luke showed up to rescue her. Luke was captured, but Mac was the real hero: He rescued them both. Faison was locked up, but with Helena's help, he escaped. Faison was apparently blown to bits as he attempted to flee Port Charles via speedboat, after dropping a bomb of his own on Luke. 'Lucky's alive,' Faison declared shortly before his boat exploded.
    Hove hasn't remained idle since exiting the show. In February, he traveled to Romania to film a role in a movie called Subspecies. He plays a vampire named Radu. Whether or not Faison survived and will return again someday is anybody's guess.

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